Our regular business hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day of the week

from April 1 to September 1.

Extended hours are available by appointment – call 973-875-6613.

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  1. Martha N Sexton says:

    With your help and looking at your creativity, you have inspired June and I. June’s mother is always saying she needs a hobby, or an interest. She loves being out side and enjoys gardening, we seem to have hundreds of different plants, some perenial, some annual, some in rock gardens, a lot on the deck and in the house.

    Being in zone 5 many must come in or rebought next year. But for the moment I am getting involved in mixing container plants, preparing an area in the basement by the one window, and trimmimg back all the plants so they don’t become so leggy.

    You know I love to come to Fair Acres Farm just to look and learn and enjoy, it’s my place to relax and get out of my own space. I start to work 10/3/11 for the winter, and I hope to sit down with all our books and see what is unusual that I can buy in the spring. I’d really like to buy a few of those odd container plants we have been admiring in the front. Like that crazy one you showed me the other day, no two leaves the same.

    Anyway I just want to thank you Richard and your sister for the years of friendship and pleasure your gardens and Zoro have brought our way. Life can be very rough but friends like all of you at Fair Acres make me feel so much better.

    Your Friend from over the river
    Martha, (June and Zoe)

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