Add color with tropicals

Strobilanthes (Persian Shield)

Tropical plants can add drama to any garden or planting.  From large silver/purple strobilanthes leaves, to the fragrant exotic pink and yellow flowering mandevilla vines, the sky-blue plumbago, or red pennisetum grass – our large tropicals add instant color and texture to your patio, porch, or deck.

Datura ruffles


For the price of a bouquet of cut flowers you can have a beautiful tropical plant that will last all summer. 

These are a few of the new arrivals:

Cuphea, Lantana, Mandevilla vine (pink, yellow, and red), Pentas, Pennisetum (Ruby Glow and Rubrum), Plumbago, Senecio (Mexican Flame Vine), Strobilanthes, Thunbergia vine

Fuchsia Autumnale

We also have a large selection of exotic and unusual plants for persons who are looking for something a little different such as Black Cotton, Maple Leaf Geranium, Algerian Ivy, Datura ruffles, Ferns (Staghorn, Tiger, Bird’s Nest, Victoria and Tree Ferns), False Dittany, Fuchsia (Autumnale, Golden Marinka), Coprosma (mirror plant), Leonotis (dwarf lions ear), Abutilon (flowering maple) , Yellow leaf geraniums, Agapanthes, and more.

Maple Leaf Geranium

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